Wednesday, August 5, 2009

EPT or EPrT or English Proficiency Test

For Indonesian people who wants to test their English language, they should take several tests. One of the test is called English Proficiency Test or know as EPT or EPrT.
In Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), the test is called EPT. But in Telkom Institute of Technology (ITT), the test is called EPrT. Why EPT or EPrT? Hmm...I don't quite understand about the reason but as I know, they usually use TOEFL but not anymore.
Well, here is some article about EPT in ITB. You should learn it so you can understand more about EPT. You may check in here

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to college

Hi all!
Sorry for not updating this blog recently. Well, that's because my job is killing me, i don't have time to touch this blog!
Lots of things happened in my life recently, guess what? I'm back into college for master degree. Well, i hope i could get through it and its a must!
I have a plan with this blog, I think I'm gonna use it for sharing my knowledge about Information System as my major. In this blog, I'll write about the topic I've got from class and discussions. For me, the best way to study is by teaching other people, that's why i become a lecture ^_^

Okay folks, just wait for my next posts...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Institut Teknologi Telkom

On January to August, universities in Indonesia are starting to promote themselves in order to get as much potential student as they can.
For IT education in Indonesia, one of the best private college who specialized in Information Technology is Institut Teknologi Telkom (ITT) or Telkom Institute of Technology. ITT have specialty in information and telecommunication technology. This college was born in 1990 with name Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Telkom. From December 2007, the name has changed to ITT.
The alumni were easily hired into many well-known industries like PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Pertamina Persero, PT PLN, and Bank Indonesia. Vendors in telecommunication industry: Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, ZTE and many more.
IT-Telkom was built at the south of beautiful city Bandung, West Java. Surrounded by rice field and religious citizen, the situation is very conducive to study.
If you want a better education with international standard and also enriched with international certification in IT, you may choose IT-Telkom.

Be careful when you teach your kids

For you who become Mommy and Daddy, be careful when you teach your kids how to speak or be careful while you speak to other. Your child might listen to your words and can remember them.
Here is an example about careless parent:

Tips in designing Power Point presentation

Doing presentation using PowerPoint is become important part for students or businessmen, here are 6 (six) tips in making an effective presentation using PowerPoint, and hope that your audience will keep their attention until it finished.

1. Use simple sentences
PowerPoint is not an application for text editing like Ms. Word. That’s why, use only simple and effective sentences. Also, don’t put too much information in one slide because it will confuse your audience.

2. Picture means thousands words
Use catchy illustration or picture in PowerPoint to explain your presentation, so your audiens will give you full attention and they’ll be easier to understand you. But, don’t forget to consider the picture’s resolution, the picture can be rough if you stretch them and looks bad.

3. Master your presentation’s topic
Sometimes presentation using PowerPoint was designed complex enough into many slides. Don’t be stumble in explaining your topic even in details. Prepare yourself so you can give good impressions and acceptable for your audience.

4. Its good to share stories
Don’t read your presentation in monotone way, your audience can read by themselves. Tell them stories! Illustrate your PowerPoint content, it can be your life experience or something else, so your audience can understand the meaning very well.

5. Contents are important
Make sure your PowerPoint content is useful for your audience. Don’t put too much special effect like animation, moving pictures or marquees (moving text), besides its boring, it could mean that your presentation isn’t serious enough.

6. Appreciate your audience
Design your PowerPoint slides better, so your audience can see the text or images clearly. Make sure you’re using proper color and not harm your audience. For refference you may visit And don’t forget that your audience aren’t only sit in the front rows, there are audience who sits in the back.